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Sunday School: 10:00 AM
Sunday Morning Service
: 11:00 AM
Sunday Evening Service: 6:00 PM
Thursday Bible Study and Prayer
: 7:00 PM

Nursery available for all services!

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We want to welcome all visitors to our web site. We do not believe you are here by accident, but according to God's plan. You see, we have prayed for you to be here today! God brought you here because He wants to do something great in your life, and He wants us to help. Find out more about us.

Our Position

  • Separated
    from worldly practices

  • Independent
    from denominationalism

  • Fundamental
    in faith & practice

  • Bible Believing
    King James Bible as the final authority

  • Soul-Winning
    believing in and practicing personal evangelism

  • Missionary Minded
    supporting World Missions through Faith Promise

  • Baptist
    affirming the Historic Baptist Distinctives

  • Church
    Local, Autonomous, New Testament